by Marie Schuller .

SHOWstudio in Georgia
Be Next Int. Art and Fashion Festival

After recent trips to Helsinki and San Sebastian, this week SHOWstudio visits Georgia at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Invited to hold a lecture about fashion film at Tbilisi's beautiful Writer's House, Marie Schuller spoke about the development of fashion in motion, discussing films as early as Blumenfeld's and Bourdin's early experiments, Gareth Pugh and Ruth Hogben's famed collaborations and Nick Knight's most recent SHOWstudio film The Elegant Universe. The lecture also discussed the impact of advancing technology onto fashion imagery, as well as the artistic benefits of sharing the creative process with the audience. 

Our one day stop-over in beautiful Tbilisi also took us to the famed academy of the arts in the city centre, which is a beautiful 140-year-old palace boasting opulent Persian interiors. Sadly, the stunning function rooms have not been used for lectures or events in 15 years as the building is in structural decline. The stunning reception room now serves as a storage place for students' work.

Tomorrow awates a journey to the seaside town of Batumi where the yearly Be Next International Art and Fashion Festival takes place. Founded 9 years ago by Sofia Tchkonia, the event aims to create a cultural exchange between Georgian and International fashion designers and experts and is centred around a design contest, that will award various scholarships, financial and educational prizes. 





  1. Michealangelo
    09:56 6 Jun 2014
    How beautiful!
    What a stunning room .
    How appropriate that it is amongst these amazing works of art that SHOWstudio is telling us about the new aesthetic.
    A new time has arrived.
    I love SHOWstudio .
  2. Anna
    16:24 6 Jun 2014
    This looks insane. couldn't find much pictures online about the academy so thank you for this!