by Ross Phillips .

SHOWstudio in Korea

I am in South Korea installing our Replenishing Body portraits as part of an interactive installation. The Incheon International Digital Art Festival (Indaf) is part of the larger 'Global Fair and Festival' which is a Korean take on global culture and how we will all live in the future. We arrived at the hotel to find everything plastic wrapped, people fitting lights in the lobby and a sign that told us the 'grand opening' would be 3 days after our arrival. A quick look out the window reveals a vast area that is being built up before our eyes and only two years ago was part of the yellow sea.

The exhibition itself contains a mix of korean and international artists and I'm happy to say we are in some good company. The highlights so far (not everyone has setup) have been an animation projected into the corner of a room, an umbrella installation which 'dances' to singing in the rain and a giant led wall of people walking through the space. The festival opens on Friday with a much anticipated visit from the President and a hyped 'water fountain show' which I'll try and get some photos of, as well as the finished exhibition.

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  1. alex.fury
    10:19 5 Aug 2009
    RP this looks brilliant! I hope you're bringing back an Incheon to grace my SHOWstudio desktop!