by Lou Stoppard .

SHOWstudio launches Contributor Thoughts

SHOWstudio has always been committed to opening up the process of fashion. As a team we are not just concerned with the final product, but also all the steps, thoughts and, as we so frequently find, hiccups and glitches that go along with producing great fashion film and photography. That's why we're always live blogging, live streaming and even - as with our uber-cute Pussycat, Pussycat project - live shooting via Tumblr and Twitter. As much as these are tools of innovation in themselves they are also mediums of democratisation - a chance to give everyone a peak inside the seemingly enclosed world of fashion image-making.

In this spirit SHOWstudio launches a brand new feature on our site - Contributor Thoughts. This natty little addition allows all our great and good contributors to offer up a snappy sound-bite or condensed titbit detailing their experiences of working on our projects. These can be anything from the inspirations and references behind an individual work to general approaches to fashion film as a medium. We've got Katie Grand divulging that the showgirls and plush plumes in her Fan Club film were inspired by Marc Jacob's theatrical music taste - 'Before the Louis Vuitton show we listened to Marc's iPod which is full of show-tunes, doing something Busby Berkley inspired seemed obvious!' - and our own Nick Knight explaining that his passion for Instagram comes from memories of his most primitive work - 'It takes me back to the style of my earliest photography; no retouching and no long processes of post-production.'

We hope that these fashionable morsels will allow our users even greater access to the secrets behind fashion imagery. In this case, not just the technical endeavors behind our projects but also the creative processes and intellectual ideals behind some of SHOWstudio's best work. Just today, Daphne Guinness made use of this new feature to discuss the story behind her newly launched Fashion Fetish film, 'This film happened in real time. All I came to SHOWstudio with was my turban, sunglasses, and contact lenses. My definition of fetish is anything that you are obsessed with or use as a totem. The S and M connotations have become the perceived meaning of the word, but a fetish is much more than that. My fetish is my eyes. It is how I see the world, as I am a visual person, but I also use contact lenses in order to make the world more soft, my vision is almost too good. So I think it may be, to me, another form of defense. There is method in my madness as was said in Hamlet. As for the rest, it is in the eye of the beholder.'

You can access Contributor Thoughts on the Project Archive and Fashion Film sections of SHOWstudio, as well as on individual project and contributor pages. We'll also be tweeting - so follow us on Twitter to get timely doses straight from the minds of SHOWstudio's wonderful band of contributors!