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SHOWstudio & Roksanda Ilincic collaborate on Barbie's new Dreamhouse

Barbie completed a work placement at SHOWstudio in 2010, assisting Nick Knight on shoots, posting live video updates and organising Fashion Week show tickets.

We decided to reward our former intern by working alongside In Fashion contributor Roksanda Ilincic to create Barbie's new Dreamhouse! Ilincic, who previously dressed the doll for her 50th anniversary, will be drawing on her background as a trained architect and taking inspiration from London to give Barbie a home with a modern and contemporary feel.

Starting from the ground up, SHOWstudio will work side-by-side with Barbie and Ilincic to re-imagine the iconic doll's house to new fashionable heights. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting project!