by Marie Schuller .

SHOWstudio screenings at the Berlin International Film Festival
six day program of films at Soho House Berlin

SHOWstudio proceeds to showcase its archive of films internationally, after being invited to curate the screening room of Soho House Berlin during the Berlin International Film Festival. Following a recent request by the Sao Paulo Fashion Film Festival, SHOWstudio continues their film festival participation by screening a visually arresting 'best of', including rare gems like this film created by Kate Moss for SHOWstudio's Moving Fashion series, or the first ever fashion film to grace, the forward thinking 3D exploration Sweet by Nick Knight from 2000. 13 years on, Knight continues to push technological possibilities with the recently released fashion film for Lane Crawford SS2013, which will also screen in Berlin, together with an erray of SHOWstudio highlights, including Ruth Hogben's Joie de Vivre, Nick Knight's Venus, and Erica Schreiner's contribution to the Fashion Fetish series

The SHOWstudio repertoire will screen every night at Soho House Berlin's screening room, starting today, running until February 11th. SHOWstudio is present in Berlin to introduce the work and answer questions about any of the films shown, so if you manage to get into Soho House's exclusive Red Room, don't miss out to watch the films on the big screen!

For everyone who can't be there in person, we will blog every day from Berlin, and you can catch up on our complete fashion film archive in's fashion film section