by SHOWstudio Shop .

SHOWstudio Shop announces their new exhibition, 'SELLING SEX'
Opening March 22, 2012

SHOWstudio is delighted to announce its upcoming exhibition 'SELLING SEX', set to open on March 22, 2012 at SHOWstudio Shop, 1-9 Bruton Place. 

The concept for the show began when we set out to create an exhibition that looked at the fetishization of objects in Fine Art and Fashion. Given the success of our acclaimed film series Object Fetish, it made sense to extend this online program into our gallery space.  But, as our research progressed, an enduring imbalance was brought to the fore that was too hard to ignore. We found that only  5% of all the artists in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection in 1989 were women, while the Louvre today still has no female artists in their collection of over 35,000 artworks. At the Museum of Modern Art, only 8% of the work exhibited are created by women. The Tate's female holdings? A whopping 15%. Meanwhile it's just as bleak in commercial galleries. In 2010, an average of 23% of gallery shows in NY and London featured female artists. What's more, is that this imbalance doesn't only exist in fine art. It's in Fashion, with the leading fashion photographers creating the leading fashion campaigns mostly being men. And it's in Film, where women hold only 33% of all speaking roles and 7% of all Directors in Hollywood are women. And, the real kicker? There are still ONLY three industries in which women earn more money than men - Pornography, Prostitution and Modelling. And so, we changed tact. Rather than look at how objects become fetishized, we decided to look more fundamentally at how sex, or rather gender operates in Fine Art, Fashion, and Film and curate an exhibition of works about sex, all created by women.  

The preliminary list of artists include Alidra Alić, Cortney Andrews, Una Burke, Liz Cohen, Inge Jacobsen, Charlotte Kingsnorth, Atsuko Kudo, Sarah Lucas, Kim McCarty, Malerie Marder, Marianne Maric, Lisa Z. Morgan, Ione Rucquoi, Suzannah Sinclair, Christiana Soulou, Vahge, Shiri Zinn, and others. And as always, the exhibition will be accompanied by a series of live streams, projects and performances.

Its set to be an exciting and provocative show and one worth paying us a visit for. To preview 'SELLING SEX' as we prepare for its opening, visit