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SHOWstudio SHOP now Online!

Simon Foxton's Protest Jacket, created for i-D's '8 for '88' shoot, 1987
Shona Heath's Eyeballs, created for British Vogue's 'Tales of the Unexpected' shoot, 2008

Following the launch of our Bruton Place shop on 14 July, we are proud to announce that the SHOWstudio online SHOP is now open for business! This online retail point will offer not only the curated selection of items contained within SHOWstudio's Mayfair SHOP, but a wide range of exquisite artefacts from a variety of world-renowned fashion creatives. We launch with twelve items, including Simon Costin's greenhouse and Alice In Wonderland-scale fibreglass cherries, a bleached and graffitied denim jacket by the internationally-celebrated stylist Simon Foxton, arcane and eccentric creations from Shona Heath, baroque papier maché animal heads created by Michael Howells for Dior's A/W 2007 show at Versailles, and the spectacular stuffed tiger photographed (alongside its live counterpart) in Nick Knight's Crane Vs. Tiger shoot for Alexander McQueen PUMA S/S 2010 (also featured in our Raw Power project). Delve into each Artefact to find out more details of the items Provenance, with images by the likes of Tim Walker, Paolo Roversi and naturally Nick Knight showing the place of each Artefact within the realm of fashion history - and offering these pieces for purchase for the very first time. There is also a tantalising glimpse at future developments for the SHOWstudio SHOP - namely the Live Studio, providing space for fashion designers to create unique and covetable one-off pieces under the watchful gaze of SHOWstudio webcams for exclusive sale within the SHOWstudio SHOP.

Click here to view all the Artefacts available online in the SHOWstudio SHOP.


  1. J.R.BobDobbs
    16:38 20 Jul 2009
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  2. J.R.BobDobbs
    16:39 20 Jul 2009
    Or rather...
  3. zedisded
    09:25 22 Jul 2009
  4. TorErik
    16:23 22 Jul 2009
    WTF? Is Nick Knight trying to become Damien Hirst or something?!?
  5. DonDraper
    02:49 23 Jul 2009
    Oh Yes! I want that tiger too!
  6. GalileosUniverse
    07:30 24 Jul 2009
    I'm not so sure that the term 'SHOP' is really the suitable term.... it certainly seems to have the looks of an ART GALLERY instead ..... in any case wish you all a lot of success with the enterprise ! What an absolutely magnificent creation that TIGER is!
  7. megalolz
    12:47 24 Jul 2009
    Eye eye eye.
    You look 'armless.
    Hop on!
    I remember the shoot in BritVo. Thye look phenom.