by Niamh White .

SHOWstudio's Splash! shoot is about to commence!

Preparations are almost complete for Nick Knight to shoot Daphne Guinness for Iris van Herpen's LiveStudio Splash!. Four high speed cameras are arranged around the corners of the studio and will capture the structure of the water as it wraps itself around Guinness. The footage will not only be used by van Herpen to create her newest Crystallization dress, but will also be the material for a new film by Geoffrey Lillemon and sound design by Salvador Breed. Lillemon and Breed, together with Joost Korngold, are the artists behind van Herpen's recent couture teaser film Voltage which depicted an undulating metallic mass set amidst the Palace of Versaille. You can put your questions to Iris, Geoffrey and Salvador now to be answered during tomorrow's live broadcast!