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19th February, 09:00GMT, Simone Rocha live panel discussion
Our latest live discussion

Having recently participated in our Book Club on Pattern, Simone Rocha shows her latest womenswear collection in London on 19th February 2013. To mark the ocassion, SHOWstudio will be hosting a live panel discussion to dissect the looks, live, as they debut on the runway!

Rocha is known for her unique use of contemporary textures, often used on more classic structured pieces. Last season, her collection featured laser cut fabrics and a monochromatic pallette peppered with neon and gold.

Simone also participated in a live In Fashion interview exclusively for SHOWstudio. Brush up on your knowledge before tuning in!

Joining our chairwoman Lou Stoppard will be film-maker Kathryn Ferguson, Rob Philips creative director at the London College of Fashion, fashion designer Bella Freud.

Tune in from at 09:00 GMT to watch the live panel discussion!