by Paul Hetherington .


Today sees the launch of the sixth version of the SHOWstudio website. Unlike its five predecessors, this design is very much a development of what we started last April when we introduced the BLOG and the FORUM. We have been working since the beginning of the year on this set of ‘upgrades’, and our launch is just in time for the new fashion season and the many projects we have planned for the Autumn.

You will have to click around and find out how exactly the new features work for yourself, but here is a quick summary and a rationale for the major points.

The different sections of the site that feature in our navigation have now been turned into dedicated ‘section pages’, and the Home Page will now only show the most recent content from each section. We have three whole new sections: ‘Viewers’, ‘Links’, and ‘Studio’. The latter contains our live webcams, contact forms and a SHOWstudio history. There will a further four all-new sections coming your way, between now and the end of the year, but you will need to keep us bookmarked to see what they are.

In response to your requests to make more intervention in the FORUM, we have expanded it into nine separate topic areas, and we are allowing you to post images. This will allow people to discuss their particular issues in the relevant Forum, such as Photography or Fashion, and for those who just want to chat, there is the Open Forum. We will moderate the Forums, and move or remove posts that are off-topic or otherwise undesirable. All your previous and current topics in the Forum have been put in the Open Forum, but over the next few weeks we will try and move your topics to the relevant Forum area, for example in the Fashion Forum if the topic is about Fashion. Please continue your old threads where you can find them, and start new ones in the relevant topic areas.

Because we receive a great deal of enquires from viewers wanting to participate in SHOWstudio, and see their work on our site, we have introduced the VIEWERS Profile Page. This is a space you can post images and information to, and also curate a list of your favourite SHOWstudio projects. We’re very excited to see more of our viewers and their work, and plan to highlight them increasingly on the Home Page.

The ARCHIVE has a new design, which features two different ways to browse through our 200+ projects. The ‘Selected’ view that is presented when you enter offers up some ready-made, easy-clicking selections from the ARCHIVE. If you’re looking for something in particular, switch to ‘Full Archive’ to browse through the entire list, shown chronologically or alphabetically. We have removed the search function, but added a Keywords list to every project. Clicking a keyword will bring up a list of similar projects relating to that keyword.

Our BLOG has been improved, and we can now post more than one image to a Blog article. For this reason, most articles will not be shown in full on the BLOG Section Page and the Home Page, and you will need to open up a page dedicated to a single Blog feature to see it in full. This is also where you will get an opportunity to make comments on our Blog articles, which is a crossover function with the FORUM, as the Blog comments can also be found in the FORUM. This also applies to ‘Comment on Project’, which is exactly as it sounds and allows you to tell us what you think about any project you see.

The site just needs testing now, and some participation in the new features, which can only be done by you.


  1. Turbo
    19:22 24 Aug 2006
    Excelent job Mr.Hetherington, the new SHOWstudio site is really improved,
    has great new features and I think may finally stop the missarable frustrated forum members from clogging up the whole Forum facility. Plus its fun, and easy to use!
  2. PaulHetherington
    19:29 24 Aug 2006
    Thanks Turbo, a team effort though; so Dorian and Paul B deserve your thanks, as do Penny and Laura.
  3. Turbo
    19:54 24 Aug 2006
    Of course- Congrats to the whole SHOWstudio team, and full marks for keeping all the previous projects archived. I often recomend this site to people and its generally "Moving fashion" and a few other projects that I get them to check out first.
    Quite weird looking at my own Forum comments record although its generally pretty positive stuff- it would be interesting to rate each comment a person has made with a +or- and have a feedback rating like on Ebay.(only kidding-but it would be funny!) Give yourselves a colective pat on the back. Charlie
  4. Dorian Moore
    21:46 24 Aug 2006
    Turbo, that was one of the _many_ ideas we've played around with, and it may happen yet if I have my way ;-)
  5. Landon
    00:43 25 Aug 2006
    What's with the profile ratings? Do you get a plus sign for good behavior?
  6. PennyMartin
    09:23 25 Aug 2006
    Yes, YOU do! Thanks for coming in with them in whiplash speed!
  7. shaw
    10:21 25 Aug 2006
    is there any significance to the colour-coded squares and the names of the forum users below them?is this a waste of space?its a design cockup -pictures should maybe be in an index of contributors/forum users if you want to see them....?
  8. PaulBruty
    11:33 25 Aug 2006
    Shaw, the colour squares are avatar place holders. Each colour is dynamically generated depending on your local IP address, so, in most cases each viewer's identity will be unique. We think it aids the forum experience in illustrating who you're communicating with and the flow of conversation. Of course, we'd prefer it if all our forum regulars posted a portrait of themselves instead to bolster their own identity and, more importantly, so we can get a good look at you. Viewers' Names, avatars and colour blocks are also linked to each respective viewer's profile page and full Forum history.
    You can find a more substantial explanation of avatars and place holders in our FAQ (click 'Studio' in the main navigation or 'FAQ' at the top of this page).
  9. Dorian Moore
    12:22 25 Aug 2006
    They indicate your level of interactivity with the Viewers section, based upon much detail you've posted in your profile.
  10. simon.foxton
    13:42 25 Aug 2006
    Fantastic redesign , I love it.
    Well done you lot .
  11. bina79
    14:57 25 Aug 2006
    As an impatient web user I'm a little fussed by the idea of not knowing where to look! I would like to be able to see the list of subject according to the most recent post. That way you know which is the freshest topic. In the Open forum section I can't tell which posts are being responded to, not sure I want to go through 30 pages of posts to find a new post. But despite that overall I like the look!
  12. bina79
    14:59 25 Aug 2006
    Didn't particularly mean to reply to Cymbelline it was a general post! Still getting used to it!
  13. DanielBrown
    15:51 25 Aug 2006
    Hi all - love the new site design. Wondering if I'm going to come up as a colour or that really old pic of me holding the chopsticks!
    Update: it appears I'm bright purple. I'm sad.
    I'll upload a piccy thing ... ho hum
  14. PaulHetherington
    21:58 25 Aug 2006
    If you look in each Forum, the list IS the most recent topics. When one get's repsonded to it jumps up the list. Try it out.
    We're working on implmenting this at the top level of the Forums, the page that has the nine Forum areas on it.
  15. detlev
    11:22 29 Aug 2006
    where's everyone posting these days?
  16. detlev
    11:23 29 Aug 2006
    has the forum been over-organised or something?
  17. Demaine
    15:33 29 Aug 2006
    The new overhaul has had a bit of time to settle, with the regulars (gradually) getting used to it. It all feels very fresh and new! I can't think of what the 4 all-new sections to be added before the end of the year could possibly be!?!... Suppose we'll just have to wait and see!!...
    I feel sorry for those on the team who are re-organising all the previous forum threads when considering that about 80% of it was complete guff!!...
    Ok, so perhaps my estimation there is a bit unrealistic but I reckon it would have been better to have a total reset of the forum to coincide with the "relaunch" and then just re-add the occasional thread whenever something genuinely interesting is found!
    The profiles/viewers section is a great addition to the site and should develop into something very intriguing over the coming months!!
    I wonder how many of the 4700 previously registered users will return to create a profile of their own but it looks set to work very well in conjunction with the forum!! The profiles which have been filled out so far are looking great although perhaps the history of forum users' messages isn't really a necessary inclusion for the Viewer's pages? Forum stats is more than enough - surely?!
  18. Demaine
    15:35 29 Aug 2006
    Anyway, overall the update appears to be a grand improvement to an already amazingly brilliant website!! Well Done Everyone!!
  19. Sandrine
    15:48 29 Aug 2006
    On the contrary, I am very much enjoying seeing regular posters of nonsense being held accountable for their collective witterings!
  20. martinb
    10:22 31 Aug 2006
    Congratulations Paul and everyone at ShowStudio - the new site is great and I agree with Turbo that having all the previous projects archived is a fantastic resource. One question for Dorian - is there or could there be a feature whereby those viewers who do update their profiles could be made apparent to others? Perhaps a 'recently updated' log like you used to have on the frontpage for the old forum? MB.
  21. flux
    14:10 11 Sep 2006
    Hello S/s, after all the noise I made pre-revamp, it's time to (briefly) say how much I like the new structure and design. I'm finding the new forum a little difficult to get used to still (I like the colour blocks BTW), but it'll come. Re: being able to access past witterings - it's not what I've actually said that bothers me so much as the sheer quantity...
    As for the rest of the site, it seems much easier to navigate somehow - for example, the archives are more accessible I think. Suddenly, I'm discovering stuff there I hadn't noticed before.