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Smokey Chapman performance video now available

Smokey Chapman's eight-song set back in January was a rousing start to our 2010 season of LiveStudio programming, and her session is now live in our LiveStudio project. Our video playlist of Chapman's performance, alongside musicians from The Golden Silvers and Real Fur, is an exclusive online showcase of this up-and-coming British talent - described by critics as a 'female Jose Gonzales mixed with a sprinkling of Björk'.



  1. Brights
    10:41 1 Apr 2010
    What a beautiful session. Loving the clothes, the sounds, and Smokey — how do we see her live ?!
  2. someonegreat
    11:36 1 Apr 2010
    Really really brilliant performance. Beautiful music and loving the Fred Butler as always!
  3. HenrySwan
    12:20 1 Apr 2010
    this is gorgeous. I saw the live performance, great to be able to watch again. The sound quality is not perfect, but it is great all the same. Is any music available to buy?
  4. Andrew Peet
    13:58 24 Oct 2011
    thoroughly enjoyed the session. Beautiful soulful music. Beautiful girl..