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'Soma Holiday' by Basso and Brooke

The very concept of Future Tense is to venture into fashion’s ‘Brave New World’ – coincidentally, the title of Basso and Brooke’s S/S 2008 collection. Inspired by a heady, contradictory mix of Aldous Huxley’s futuristic ‘anti-utopia’ and the playful kitsch of Ettore Sottass’ Memphis (witness Stephen Jones’ masterful millinery abstractions), the colourful duo’s collection is filtered through the lense of Chloë de Carvalho. The resulting film, Soma Holiday, matches a soundtrack of Huxley’s Hypnopædia with equally mesmerising visuals centred around Basso and Brooke’s stunning and inimitable prints.


  1. Landon
    04:15 27 Aug 2008
    Hmm, yes, very nice!
  2. someonegreat
    12:14 27 Aug 2008
    I'm not really sure what Huxley would make of this. The collection's not really that brave, or terribly new. But it is pretty.