by Alexander Fury .

Something Fast and inviting...

Today has been something of a fashion bonanza - first we had our In Fashion interview with Sølve Sundsbø, and now the first of our invites has arrived for London Fashion Week. A full two weeks ahead of schedule - an unheard-of phenomenon in the fashion world - what's more it's for a must-see show: Mark Fast. Evidently it's not just his surname that's speedy (pardon the pun). The invite is the first step into a designer's modus operandi for each season- John Galliano's narrative-packed missives, consisting of everything from a showgirl's leopard-print clutch to Russian matryoshka dolls to a worn satin ballet-slipper, quickly became legend. Fast's serpentine tone-on-tone design doesn't give the game away to quite such a degree (Galliano's aforementioned invites quite rightly hinted at the Cabaret, gypsy and balletic influences of said collections) but is very nice all the same.