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Stay tuned for our Isabella Blow interviews!

We've had a rather exciting morning here at SHOWstudio, Alex Fury and Harriet Verney paid us a visit to talk about the late fashion editor, patron and icon Isabella Blow, ahead of the Fashion Galore! exhibition at Somerset House.

The Independent's Fury, who has written an essay for the accompanying exhibition book, discussed Blow's status as a style icon with Lou Stoppard. Next, Verney, fashion writer and Isabella's niece, provided a personal dimension to our picture of Blow, sharing her memories of growing up at 'Hillies', the family estate in Gloucestershire whose attics were home to Blow's famous wardrobe. Verney also discussed her aunt's influence on her own personal style.

The interviews will be on the site soon as part of an ongoing series celebrating Isabella Blow. The project will also include essays exploring the various dimensions of her influence on fashion - from her embodiment of English eccentricity, penned by Stoppard, to her love of hats, explored by's Katharine Zarrella, and her role as a mentor to young designers, penned by SHOWstudio Shop's Niamh White - as well as a fashion film by Ruth Hogben. While you wait, check out our Instagram, where Nick Knight is currently posting a countdown to the Somerset House exhibition using images he shot for the accompanying book.