by Alexander Fury .

Stella McCartney

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Two of the biggest stories this week have been fur and sex - naturally if Stella McCartney had to pitch her tent in any camp it would be the latter. Accordingly, this was a far more overtly sensual offering than we have seen from her in a number of years: trend-bucking super-short hemlines, fitted silhouettes and peekaboo chiffon, lace and macrame on the highest leatherette heels outside of a marital aids shop. Unfortunately, the resulting precarious gait of the models detracted from what was, at base, a classic collection of saleable Stella staples like chunky knits, flyaway chiffon and subtle smocking. What was a welcome new addition was genuinely gorgeous tailoring - equal to anything from her much-feted Chloe days - running the gamut from tourniquet-tight to trapeze and scoring every time.