by Penny Martin .

Stella McCartney Press Day

Half woman, half bath mat! The bobbly wool mini dresses on show at Stella McCartney's day today offer an ingenious solution to the 'glamorous, non-bumffly volume' required for this proportion, all without the use of fur. Clever Stella. Especially good are the jumpsuits pictured in the background. For those of you that remember these the first time (with a grimace), fear not: these have draw-string waists and not a twang of elastic in sight!

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  1. GalileosUniverse
    21:24 6 Apr 2007
    I wonder if women find the idea interesting from the aesthetical point of view because indeed it looks half bath mat still ! ...and yet it could work but I think something more fashionable realistic would have to be done as far as the silhouette is concerned in order to be able to look convincing and desirable.....