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Stephen Jones 'Glamour On A Budget' - Edit Now Online!

As a finale to the SHOWstudio Shop show Florist, master milliner (by order of the Queen) Stephen Jones took up residency in early December 2010 for a terribly festive residency in our Bruton Place LiveStudio. Our edit of Jones' afternoon of delights is now online, under the tongue-in-cheek title 'Glamour On A Budget'. Inspired by the great British institution of make-do-and-mend, do-it-yourself and all manner of sticky-back-plastic-affixed Blue Peter creations, Stephen Jones shows us first how to create a floral arrangement from household detritus, and then how to trim a hat with fresh flowers (although the haute couture finery beneath blew our 'budget' idea out of the water!). In between, Jones sits down with fashion director Alex Fury to answer questions posed by the public at large during this utterly and fabulously one-off live session. A joy no matter what the season!