by Andrew Gow .

'Still' at Gallery 275

Photo by David Hughes
From left: no, it's not Kylie, it's Maud from MAP! Photographer David Hughes

Gallery 275 in the Westbourne Grove area last night played host to a private view organised by &Son., the creative consultancy founded by Simon Foxton and his new business partner Nick Griffiths. The work of five photographers was shown: J.B., Pete Drinkell, Jeremy Murch, Paul Wetherell and David Hughes, many of whom showed a preoccupation with moody landscapes and experimentations in slow exposure. David Hughes' (above) peculiar images of metamorphosis and whimsical sacrilege leapt out - for a start, they weren't landscape; for seconds, they were kind of trippy too. A work in progress, Hughes told me a lot of his work is born of happy accidents playing around with objects in his search for new 'broken allegories'.

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    09:53 8 Apr 2013
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