by Penny Martin .

Stop Press!

We are delighted that our guest musician for READINGS is to be the talented Antony Hegarty! We will be shooting this Wednesday and Thursday, 26 & 27th: watch this space for confirmation, sending in your sound ideas for Antony as you do!



  1. pacogarcia
    20:15 23 Sep 2007
    good luck and rise
  2. friend
    21:54 23 Sep 2007
    i am a great admirer of Antony,I can't wait untill the broadcast.Will it just be himself or will there be any Johnsons too?
  3. TorErik
    22:14 23 Sep 2007
    does this mean that Cat Power is out of the game?
  4. 1cal1
    22:27 23 Sep 2007
    that is what i read in the blog tor
  5. nickknight
    23:30 23 Sep 2007
    You are right _1cal1_ andTor Erik. It is the process of these projects and we prefer to be open about it .As a project matures in the minds of those creating it ,change is normal and correct.If I felt I knew all the answers and exactly the outcome ,I am not sure would be interested in undertaking the work in the first place.
    The philosphy of embracing the accident has always seemed healthy to me.
    Hope you will agree.
  6. GalileosUniverse
    07:29 24 Sep 2007
    .....indeed...indeed.......challenging, exciting , unpredictable... ' to inspire and to be inspire ' ........ of course sorry to hear about Cat Powers but then again beautiful to hear that Anthony is by fate.....the chosen one !
  7. TorErik
    08:56 24 Sep 2007
    I guess it's gonna be more interesting with Antony (certanly if he's gonna wear Hussein womenswear), as he's the biggest transgender figure right now. And I can picture a morfing-film with layers of his voice more than Cat Powers. And Cat Power did Chanell last season, so I guess she old news on the paris catwalk...
    But I still feel that Antony have collaborated with everyone now...And I kinda hoped that Hussein would team up with Björk again, as I still think she's the best ambassador for avant-garde fashion
    But hey Nick, I agree that showstudio is about creating an interaktive process, and it's reality that things doesn't always goes as planned.
  8. GalileosUniverse
    10:18 24 Sep 2007
    ...and while in ICELAND...just in case anyone might enjoy this beautiful...'tale'....
    Sigur Ros - Saeglopur
  9. mamoruK
    04:55 25 Sep 2007
    If i were to suggest a musical element for Anthony this would be the "breathing rhythm". A patterned breathing that either serves as accompaniment for a song or even a text. One can incorporate whispered melodies in this sort of thing thought the voice. This "second voice" should incoporate improvisational flurries. If this is relevant to the "entretien", let me know. I can elaborate fully in this regard.
  10. GalileosUniverse
    19:25 25 Sep 2007 would be interesting if Bjork and Anthony were to join and combine their creativity...that would be really fantastic !