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Storey Time!

Helen Storey and Caroline Coates take us through their press files

We are absolutely thrilled to announce a forthcoming collaboration with Professor Helen Storey, one of the most significant British fashion designers of the 1980s and 90s who more recently has focused her creativity on scientific experimentation and its visualisation.

Renowned during her fashion career for combining confrontational ‘anti-fashion’ elements with modern conceptions of glamour, Storey's highly influential collections included ballgowns crafted from plastic refuse bags, leggings studded with bullets and garments printed with images of foetuses. Since the closure of the trading arm of Helen Storey in 1995, Storey has revisited what she describes as an undeveloped schoolgirl desire to understand and practice scientific research, which has culminated in a series of projects exploring the fields of biology, neuroscience and now chemistry.

It is our great fortune that she has agreed to share her next venture 'Wonderland' with us, which is scheduled to begin during a residency at London College of Fashion at the end of January 2008. Of course, we will be taking this opportunity to excavate Helen's 25 'years of press' files (here's a picture of us examining some pics in a central London café with her colleague Caroline Coates this morning!) and bringing you interviews, films and much more by way of introduction in the meantime. So watch this space!