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'Straight Edge' by Ben Dunbar-Brunton

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Actual garments with a political agenda are few and far between, but Ben Dunbar-Brunton's contribution to Political Fashion focuses on Junya Watanabe’s recycled Spring menswear – inevitably making a dual statement about fashion’s own recycling of ideas and ideology, particularly when contrasted with the straight-up ethos of Gallow’s frontman Frank Carter.


  1. jeztozer
    15:52 23 Apr 2008
    straight edge is punk rock!
    very apt restraint.
  2. Tobi.M
    17:07 23 Apr 2008
    Awsome setting...
    Bradshaw's styling along with Carter complement Ben and Niki's creative insights.
    The story makes the overall idea almost controversial and taboo... Love it!!


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