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Submissions for Le Printemps

Flora by Jessica Tremp, Melbourne Australia

Death Becomes Her by Andy King, Glasgow

Flora, by Joanna McClure, New York City

Death Becomes Her by Cassandra Yap, London

Nature at Night by Tom Hartford, London

Death Becomes Her by Viveka Goyanes de Miguel, Salamanca, Spain

Dark Knight by Naomi James, London

This week we opened up the invitation for SHOWstudio viewers to submit their own images for a chance to become part of Nick Knight's window installations for Paris department store Le Printemps. Already we've had images flying into the SHOWstudio inbox, so a big thank you to everyone for stepping up to the challenge! Here's a sneak peak at a few of our favourites so far.

Visit Visions Couture for more info on how to send in your images. Remember there are five themes to choose from:

Dark Knight
House and Garden
Death Becomes Her
Nature at Night

Deadline for submissions is Wednesday 1 February at 12:00 GMT

Photo: Dark Knight by Anna Griffin, Nottingham