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Submit your images to be included in Nick Knight's Le Printemps windows!

A vital element of Nick Knight's final window installations for Paris
department store Le Printemps are a series of specially-devised
interactive by multimedia designer Daniel Brown, which will use images
to reinterpret the theme of each window.

As part of the Visions Couture project, Nick Knight invites SHOWstudio
viewers to submit their own images inspired by one of the following
five themes:
Dark Knight
House and Garden
Death Becomes Her
Nature at Night

Submit an image* (as large format possible) to #visionscouture via Twitter
or email for a chance to have your image
included in the interactive installations at Le Printemps, Paris.

Submissions should detail:
1. Your name and the city you are from
2. The theme you are submitting the image for

Deadline for submissions is Wednesday 1 February at 12:00 GMT

* Submissions must adhere to SHOWstudio terms and conditions


  1. paul.herron
    10:54 17 Jan 2012
    Hi Alimac,

    The deadline for entries is Wednesday, 1 February at 12:00 GMT.
  2. Jonathan_David_Trevino
    23:28 24 Jan 2012
    is it one image entry per person? and in what file format?