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'Such Stuff Dreams Are Made On' by Vanessa Pelz-Sharpe

"A woman on the cusp of the biggest change of her life. Scared, excited, and anxious: she is about to shed the body she has despised for so long and metamorphose into ‘an upgraded version’ of herself."

The very concept of the Fashion Body links with the idea of fashioning our body - in the past through rigid corsetry, artifice and make-up, but in today's society women are more likely to wear the scars of liposuction than the stays of a corset to achieve the waistline they most desire. Writer and editor Vanessa Pelz-Sharpe examines just that phenomenon in her contribution to our essay series, using the perfect post-modern pin-up of reality TV star Heidi Montag to discuss the radical transformation now afforded to our bodies - perfect though they may already seem - through the miracles of cosmetic surgery.

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