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16:30 - 17:30 on June 20 2018 BST

by Penny Martin .

Swarovski's Latest Installment

Autumn/Winter 07-8 looks, featuring Swarovski crystal
Swarovski installation at their press day
The Ruby Slippers by Swarovski: shocker!

After choosing a sit-down film presentation for their S/S press presentation, yesterday Swarovski loosened things up a bit with an installation format to showcase their many, many ongoing projects. Whilst mannequins sported 'Runway Rocks' -a chance for jewellers to platform their collaborations with designers- as well as key looks from A/W collections by designers including Giles, Christopher Kane, Sinha Stanic, Sophia Kokosalaki, Roksanda Ilincic and many more, there were also the 'Swarovski Atelier' accessories collections in vitrines and the 'Crystal Palace' product design/homeware collaborations suspended from the roof.

It won't surprise you to hear that the bit we enjoyed most were the film presentations. A slick documentary detailed the 'back stage' motivations of the designers whilst best of all, a montage of excerpts from classic movies revealed Swarovski's long legacy of film collaborations, from Marilyn's diamond drops in Some Like It Hot or Cate Blanchett's get up as Elizabeth I to Helen Mirren's royal regalia in The Queen or Judy Garland's ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz. Well, who'd have thunk it? Trust Swarovski to have been in on the pop cutural zeitgeist as far back as 1939!


  1. GalileosUniverse
    15:59 28 Mar 2007
    .... Diamonds are for ever.....but a Swarovski is definitely for the ultimate ' tears' to fear....just and only just harmless dreams.....Beautiful to enjoy such boundless fantasies....
  2. William Oliver
    11:23 29 Mar 2007
    Testament to the power of money and advertising, product placement, and ‘celebrity’ or in this case ‘designer’ association, Swarovski, in my opinion, have usurped all other marketing strategies that have gone before them, in order to place a previously non-existent, twee, lower middle class and rather vulgar product, and send it straight down the catwalk.
    From a history of diamond etched 50th wedding anniversary celebratory champagne flutes, and mantle piece poised jumping dolphin statuettes, Swarovski have managed, through varying forms of product placement and sponsorship, to alleviate their brand and product and make it seem desirable.
    I'm assuming the moment Paris Hilton was spotted discussing names for her next miniscule chi-chi puppy on her very possibly Swarovski encrusted mobile handset was the day the wheels of this marketing machine were first oiled, and it is this that is definitely worth keeping in mind the next time those shiny little beads of glass catch your eye on those ever so fetching MJ Vans pumps.
    Ultimately who would really want to associate themselves with that level of glamour, I say glamour, when in fact another important thing to keep in mind is that Swarovski is ultimately just a rich (wo)mans sticky backed plastic rhinestone. Like the fashion equivalent of the coke or speed debate.
    Personally I would rather have a bag of uncut base any day.
  3. detlev
    13:37 29 Mar 2007
    Lower middle-class? Vulgar? Just what kind of snob are you? Before you decide to anoint yourself as the high priest of all matters taste, William, you might want to think about dropping that grating de haut en bas tone you so often insist on - it really lets your argument down something chronic.
    Aside from that, what's wrong with marketing something that looks great by helping young designers? Swarovski crystals are good for the very reason that they are cheaper than diamonds, they sparkle magnificently and, most important of all, they don't pay the same human cost. Don't you know ANYTHING about the atrocities that the big diamond cartels inflict on Africa?
    And for that matter, didn't you read the blog? It said that Swarovski have been supplying the movies with crystals all last century - from Marilyn in Some Like it Hot to Judy in Wizard of Oz. Seems Paris Hilton's mobile phone appearance was a rather misplaced example in another of your over-inflated and badly researched rants.
  4. William Oliver
    14:11 29 Mar 2007
    Yea your right. I'm just like a total dick arent I. God. I am so embaressed by my own actions. Might as well go and staple some crystals to my face, take some photo's of topless boys on Fistral Beach and start post's about really cutting edge exhibitions like Face of Fashion.
  5. GalileosUniverse
    16:27 29 Mar 2007
    ....sounds like sour grapes and rather a mixture of unkind statements that have absolutely nothing to do with the subject !...
    An intelligent analysis...a convincing argument...and a reasonable personal opinion without being totally rude is more likely to deserve the right attention....:):) LOL!
  6. William Oliver
    16:56 29 Mar 2007
    you are SO right.
  7. GalileosUniverse
    17:00 29 Mar 2007
    ....and you are very welcome :):):)
  8. Sandrine
    12:02 30 Mar 2007
    I fuckin LOVE those dolphins!