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Tap Dancer by Craig McDean

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Made in collaboration with Tabitha Simmons for her Autumn/Winter 2011 shoe collection, Tap Dancer by Craig McDean stars Michelle Dorrance in a vibrating and percussive routine introducing a sprinkling of flamenco that has been flouncing its way through many of next summer's collections.


  1. sally.northmore
    10:07 5 Oct 2011
    Mesmerising! [like] [like] [like]
  2. jon.emmony
    11:30 5 Oct 2011
    Really nice

  3. 10:48 18 Feb 2012
    I'm not sure about male bercydanlels. I'm sorry if that makes me sexist or old-fashioned it's just a gut reaction! I don't mind if they are really masculine and thrusting in style, but some of them do quite feminine moves and it makes me feel uncomfortable..-= Belly Dance Oz s last blog .. =-.