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Tara Dougans illustrates couture
Watch her live at 11:00 GMT

Our in-house illustrator, Tara Dougans, will be working away at a new illustration from the couture collections, focusing on Chanel. She has finished her Dior masterpiece, which she has styled with an appropriately detailed floral headdress and a radiant halo of thorns.

In addition to being filmed while she works, Dougans has responded to questions posted yesterday. She discussed her preference for pencil, illustration and technology and the value of considered composition. Feel free to post your own questions and comments at the bottom of the live stream and Dougans will respond live on camera in this exciting interactive live studio. 

Tune into the project at 11:00 GMT to watch her new Chanel illustration come to life and get her take on illustrating couture collections.