by Christabel Stewart .

Teasing with Von Teese

It has been noted within the hallowed house of SHOWstudio that the rather tantalising post from Miami last week of an almost invisible stage cloaked in darkness announcing the impending performance of the burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, followed by.... nothing, was in itself a bit of a tease. So in the true style of the burlesque strip here is the action, delayed for your pleasure (as it was on the night, keeping the audience in anticipation for as long as possible). A definition of modern burlesque insists it must contain "quick-witted humour, lacking complexity". There was something too true about the latter part of this in the face of product meets Dita, even if she were sending herself and the product up by using it as an erotic bucking bronco. It left rather an unexhalted sense of corporate nullification. However, Dita's milky complexion, elegant gyrations and Stephen Jones contribribution somewhat made up for whatever aspect of the send up didn't send it up. But heck, it's only for fun, and the setting: a suspended stage over the swimming pool at The Delano, was quite impressive.

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  1. GalileosUniverse
    18:14 14 Dec 2006
    Great spaghetti intro ..! ..the rest is sauce indeed ...