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Ten days of Naomi: day one, Kez Glozier

Our first artist will be taking up the challenge to graffiti Naomi any second now! London-based artist Kez Glozier will be the first to daub, decorate and deliberately deface the collossus that is the SHOWstudio:Fashion Revolution Naomi statue throughout this afternoon. To mark the final ten days of SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution (and appropriately enough following Friday's live shoot with Naomi Campbell), we have approached a variety of visual artists and writers to decorate the monolithic statue of Naomi Campbell that opens the exhibition at Somerset House. Each afternoon from noon Naomi will be decorated by our 'artist (not) in residence' via the remote tool on, combining their own real-time artistic and literary contributions with those of the viewers and exhibition-goers.

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  1. trevtrue87
    02:45 14 Dec 2009
    "To mark the final ten days of SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution"
    WHAT?!? I really hope the site isn't going anywhere