by Alexander Fury .

That's All Folks!

The symbolic empty rail
Bernhard and Nick still hard at work

Well, the time has flown by and we're already finished! Well, almost - there is still the small matter of editing together the wealth of footage from the past two days into a film in time for the Menswear shows in Paris later this month.


  1. Pablo
    08:51 12 May 2013
    Thank you so much! I picked up the new make of the shoe i was in last year, they arent as stylley as the Mizunos, but we'll see i actually have a great running store down the street from me, so lucky! And there's going to be a RR store opening not too far from me in a couple of months, excited!
  2. Melike
    08:52 12 May 2013
    No way?! I thought you were in OC or more south, SD?? Well howdy neoibhgr!!!! Yep! My group runs start in Santa Monica and go through Venice, as we get up in miles we'll run through the Marina, etc. (which will be hard, cause that's by my house) Are you around the S.M./Venice area?