by Ingrid Hass .

The 11th Day of Christmas

Christopher Kane provides us with the penultimate piece of our collection of films to celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas. See how long it takes for you to guess the reference to a certain venerable fashion house!


  1. harley
    00:24 5 Jan 2007
    I love the angel version and the ear muffs and scarfe version-Thank you Christopher Kane ,one of the best so far!
  2. GalileosUniverse
    06:16 5 Jan 2007 Bergere !...Voila !
  3. geomavroartdeco
    08:31 5 Jan 2007
    i tyhink its the best "day" of the project so far!!!! it was really amazing, so much fantazy!!!! thank you for the experience