1. GalileosUniverse
    14:10 6 Jan 2007
    ...........daring......modern....and fun to see it all being transformed to a digital fantasy.......
  2. harley
    17:43 6 Jan 2007
    I just enjoy the sound of his voice.
    I also love the intimacy of these short films.
  3. bamia
    20:24 6 Jan 2007
    he dehumanised the silhouette. his designs have no humanity.
  4. JoshBaker
    14:06 7 Jan 2007
    "The study of the garment 'represented' (by image and text), i.e. the garment dealt with by the Fashion magazine, affords an immediate methodological advantage over the analysis of real clothing... 'Real' clothing is burdened with practical conisderations (protection, modesty, adornment); these finalities disappear from 'represented' clothing, which no longer serves to protect, to cover, or to adorn, but at most signify protection, modesty and adornment."
    -Roland Barthes, The Fahsion System
  5. GalileosUniverse
    17:03 7 Jan 2007
    Art is all about free expression...the ultimate freedom....art is about daring to challenge...art is about individual vision....art is about respect for people's creativity.....and taste is to limited and to ephemeral to use as judgement on someone’s creativity and fantasy........
  6. mopar
    21:51 8 Jan 2007
    I agree with Roland, I'm not sure I understand what you mean Galileo?
  7. GalileosUniverse
    06:48 9 Jan 2007
    May I know who is Roland before I can explain exactly what I mean ?...Thank you...
  8. GalileosUniverse
    06:56 9 Jan 2007
    ....and which of my two statements do you want me to explain so you can understand what I am trying to convey on the subject....?
  9. mopar
    08:58 9 Jan 2007
    Roland Rat.
    I delighted in the 12 days of Christmas, I woner whether the creatives felt any competitive pressure between them?
  10. nickknight
    11:15 9 Jan 2007
    No,not at the time,as I was first.However,looking back on the brilliant contributions from others,then yes,I did think I should have been more audacious,rather than just doodling and rambling my way through.
  11. mopar
    11:41 9 Jan 2007
    taste being to ephemeral.
  12. mopar
    12:00 9 Jan 2007
    Nick - doodling and rambling!!
    It was a particularly interesting project for a number of reasons;
    To put such a clean and level slate in front of, in particular designers who are young and at an early stage of developing their language and marking their territory. I'm sure we all have opinions on them, and there must be an expectation on them to come up with a fresh approach. It was more interesting than asking the big name designers to do the project.
    It showed, as you mentioned Nick, that people have different ways of approaching their work. There was no fear of mistakes in yours and a number of others, equally, those contributions displayed the most confidence - Christopher Kane in particular, who appeared to thrive on the "freestyle" method. If SHOWstudio is about showing the process then bravo, because I am inspired by the proces and the results of this project.
  13. GalileosUniverse
    20:01 9 Jan 2007
    " Ephemeral "..........lasting while people finds it ‘interesting’...’meaningful’.....or just ... self-satisfying ‘....”taste” does not say anything of substance about a design or a creative work or art with vision or relevance....for example what might be considered good today might be tomorrow’s crap.....and what was yesterday’s crap might be an exciting design today..............a work should be value on its vision...relevance... message.... vocabulary....and of course aesthetical balance.......so I might not like someone’s design or work but that does not necessarily mean that I should discard it because I do not agree with his vision.....or because it does not fit in one’s personal taste, or simply because one does not agree with the artist’s vocabulary .........to be open is the key to understanding and to move forward......and only “time” can be the true judge on the value of works of importance, relevance and vision.............
  14. JoshBaker
    12:12 10 Jan 2007
    LOL. I liked yours best Nick! :D