by Alexander Fury .

The best-laid plans

Our favourite model!
Planning ahead

These plans and 3-D model, lovingly crafted by our exhibition designer Ab Rogers and his stalwart team, hopefully give you some insight into how our Fashion Revolution is shaping up for its installation at Somerset House next month. Here, you see a view of the first 'room' installed in the Embankment Galleries; the final SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution exhibition will run the whole length, through twenty distinct spaces - all the better to showcase two dozen SHOWstudio projects to their full advantage. Right now, Ross Phillips, Paul Hetherington, Ab and a raft of Somerset House affiliates are meeting above our very heads here at Bruton Place to nail down the final (and not inconsiderable) AV requirements for the exhibition space. In the meantime our job is simply to keep SHOWstudio ticking over - and naturally to keep those huddled masses in the meeting sated with tea and McVitie's finest until the all-important decisions are reached.


  1. CocoS
    15:37 11 Aug 2009
    Tiny McQueen, giant Naomi, you're messing with my mind! Roll on September!
  2. ChrisSummerfield
    12:04 12 Aug 2009
    Just checked out the video for the zumerzet house project,love the montages. Great work realy hope to get to see it.