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The buttocks by Ruth Hogben

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To open the second week of our latest season of fashion film, our fashion body takes a distinctly sexual turn with filmmaker Ruth Hogben's 'English' - a visual quest, it seems, to redefine our contemporary callipygian ideal. In layman's terms? Hogben's film focuses on the buttocks, with the Rubenesque forms of two voluptuous Burlesque artistes her titillating anatomical subjects. And as for that title, it's plucked from the fact that flagellation in all its forms was dubbed 'the English vice', with many a Vicorian pornographic pamphlet to attest to the nation's latent lust for a lashing. Why wasn't this outlawed in a time of rampant Protestant puritanism? Outwardly prim and proper aristocrats and judges were too fond of spanking to give up the naughty habit!


  1. damomatic
    12:43 26 Jul 2010
    perverting and beautiful.
  2. damomatic
    12:43 26 Jul 2010
    perverting and beautiful.
  3. saint
    22:28 26 Jul 2010
    Beautifully perverting.
  4. saint
    22:31 26 Jul 2010
    reminds me of ripples on milk?
    In a beautifully perverted way.
  5. harley
    22:39 26 Jul 2010
    It is clear this is not porn, but what makes it different?
    Because it is shot by a woman?
    Because of the emotion in the women in the film?
    Because it is intelligent?
    Because of the lighting, which is daylight and therefore painterly?
    Because of the lack of sound?
    Because of the speed of the whole film?
    Not porn then?
    Or is it just how porn should be?
  6. kermitkrab
    11:40 27 Jul 2010
  7. friend
    00:04 28 Jul 2010
    Pain has never looked this good.
  8. someonegreat
    00:18 29 Jul 2010
    Really genuinely mesmerizing. To be honest, when you first see it you think it's the same old fetish thing, but it's almost painful to watch its moving so slowly, and when the crop finally makes contact with the flesh there is a kind of release that is almost orgasmic in you, as a viewer.
    Plus the wobbling flesh is brilliant. It reminds me of the episode of The Simpsons where Mulder and Scully from X Files make Homer run on a treadmill because the movement of his fat is fascinating.
    Mulder: His jiggling is almost hypnotic.
    Scully: Yes... it's like a lava lamp.
  9. Brights
    10:24 29 Jul 2010
    Between Joie de Vivre and this, I am really spellbound by Ms Hogben.
  10. Brights
    10:25 29 Jul 2010
    btw what's the name of the Lukid track on the Joie de Vivre film??
  11. 1uke
    10:44 30 Jul 2010
    Mesmerising! A beautifully shot, elegantly paced, innovative study of the human body and what horseplay it gets up to.