by Alexander Fury .

The dry run

and the wet look...
Helen's 'Dry' collection

With our live feed starting in just a few moments, I took the opportunity to inspect Helen Storey's wares in their final forms. The soluble polymer 'fabrics' used for each and every garment have been fretted, sliced and punched to resemble everything from ostrich feathers to sequins to embroidered tulle and even denim. Although every garment will be photographed 'dry' today, only half will go on to meet their watery graves: the other half of Helen's 'Wonderland'collection will go on to a further exhibitions in Sheffield and Belfast later this year.

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  1. GalileosUniverse
    11:03 28 Mar 2008
    A real nice treat to be able to see such a craftsmanship and passion !!! ... love the palette !