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The End!

After three days of radio broadcast, Fashion DJs has now, sadly, come to a close. For all of you that have listened/watched - we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have. Today's 12-hour broadcast is now being re-streamed. Tune in to catch fantastic sets from Alice Hawkins and Paloma Faith, Jason Evans and The Wild Beasts, Michael Clark and his dancers, Naomi Campbell, Sam Mcknight, Fat Tony, The Pet Shop Boys and Boy George, Katy England and friends, Joe Corre and Agent Provocateur, Francesca Burns, Matt Irwin and Kap Bambino and Gareth Pugh!


  1. imagenaryfriend
    01:41 12 Jul 2008
    Tnx! you made enjoyed our office for 3days!
  2. GalileosUniverse
    11:57 12 Jul 2008
    Yes three days of a fascinating insight into the very personal music taste of very creative people who have mad their mark in music and fashion and a great mixture of music constellation genius ... what a treat !
    I very much enjoyed the DJ moment of Stella McCartney among several..... and that record she bought in Jamaica was real fun to be able to hear it ....
    All in all totally , Cool , Relax and absolutely positive !!
  3. la
    21:33 16 Jul 2008
    The highlight for me was watching Michael Clarks' amazing dance to 101 different versions of send in the clowns.
    Oh and Kap Bambino, she was stunning!
    What was anybody elses favorite?
  4. harley
    13:51 18 Jul 2008
    Fuckity fuck fuck! I missed the whole bloody show!!!!!!!
    Will we get a chance to see it again ?
    I can't believe I missed a live show by The Wild Beasts . FUCK