by Andrew Gow .

The Film

Beasting, Nick Knight and Simon Foxton's intense photoshoot of last February is brought to film at last, edited by Ruth Hogben. Stills from the shoot will also be displayed in the Project Gallery. As an accompaniment to the April issue of Arena Homme+, the cover of which can now be seen peering out from magazine racks across the land (and allegedly from the top shelf in certain outlets too) the image depicts the beast of six arms that Nick and Simon captured during their two day shoot, a brawny spectacle that wears the outré headpieces and garments of John Galliano's A/W 07 menswear collection. The film and photoshoot, both visual paeans to hypermasculinity, manage to blur the boundaries between physical combat and sexual frenzy, taking us through the mysterious rituals of exclusive masculine space - a domain in which war-impulse, erotic charge and horseplay become indistinguishable.


  1. JoshBaker
    19:19 16 Apr 2007
    Cool vid. Nice edit Ruth :D
  2. simon.foxton
    10:23 17 Apr 2007
    This looks amazing , the shadow shots are particularly
    menacing . Love the sound too .
    Well done all .
  3. 1cal1
    16:56 17 Apr 2007
    Sounds like the crunching of breaking bones at the end.Very dark and wrong.
    I wonder how long before it goes onto Youtube?
  4. BabyAnne
    21:17 17 Apr 2007
    This is cool... nice edit and the sound effects are really interesting, a great project