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The final day of Nick Knight's 100 Portraits!

Today is the final day of Nick Knight's 100 Portraits shoot with i-D magazine! Throughout this last day, we'll be broadcasting live from the studio here at Somerset House, and once more our sitters include a cross-section of music, fashion and popular culture including stylist Francesca Burns, Peter Saville and Anna Blessman and - hopefully! - Kanye West! Right now Nick is capturing Katy England in action, and next up is our Selfridges competition winner, Naomi James

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  1. Aaron
    07:27 8 Apr 2013
    Wow, what a cool pic, and how things chgane in the blink of an eye. For you it will always be; I took this pic while Jobs was still alive.. Memories. Thanks for getting me there I would never have worked it out and found the pic otherwise! lol