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The first day of our punk LiveStudio is complete

Today's LiveStudio is complete! Don't forget to tune in tomorrow, 21 August, as filmmaker Ruth Hogben and designer Bart Hess continue to make their contribution to our Punk film season by creating a garment inspired by punk's association with metal adornments.

Also on hand are stylist Ellie Cumming and ballet dancer Eric Underwood, who has been modelling the creation. The final edited film will be posted on SHOWstudio in the coming weeks, while the magnetised accessory by Hess will be available for purchase from SHOWstudio Shop.

Stay tuned!


    00:17 21 Aug 2013
    watched every moment.
    please can we see more of Ruth Hogben and more of what she is seeing on the playback screens.
    Otherwise really great to watch.
    Thanks you SS.
  2. Cengiz
    13:32 4 Sep 2013
    Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? and Bryanboy anweersd, You are the fairest of them all, Lol, love the idea sounds like so much fun. See ya there beautiful people. xo