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The Girl in the Red Dress

Today's collaborative contrubtion comes from stylist Bay Garnett and supermodel Erin O'Connor featuring a rather stunning vintage red dress and an equally fabulous model to demonstate 'fashion in motion' on the streets on London.

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  1. Lilaram
    18:51 10 May 2013
    I am another martiily mom, a Blue Star Mother. My daughter was 22 years old during her first Iraq deployment when her Army Reserve Combat Engineering Battalion deployed to Iraq 2003/2004. I pray every day for you, your mom and all of your loved ones that you feel the prayers of hope, strength, survival and peace and knowing that you are so very much NOT FORGOTTEN. I pray you feel the presence and peace of God with you every minute of your captivity. I pray that your mom feels the strength and knowing that other martiily moms are surrounding her with via prayer. I pray for you and all of your loved ones that those powerful emotions of being reunited begin to stir in your and their hearts and minds and that they carry you forward to that day of reuniting that so many of Americans YOU can be proud of are praying for. God speed for your day of reuniting with your loved ones, God speed soldier!!