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The history of fashion photography!

While we continue our Subjective series, presenting the history of contemporary fashion photography from the perspective of models, Nick Knight is launching Transformative, a new series of interviews with those who work behind-the-scenes: makeup artists stylists, and hairdressers. The series aims to highlight and celebrate the tireless work these individuals do, rather than simply crediting the photographer as the mastermind of a fashion shot.

This week’s Transformative interview, our first ever, features makeup artist Val Garland sitting down with Knight to discuss her entrance into the makeup world and the gritty Dior campaign they worked on together in 2001. 'Advertising had been slick and polished... it wasn't about a certain woman, it was about every woman' she said, before continuing, 'It felt like the first time that Dior was aimed at the young - it wasn't fuddy-duddy'. 

Watch their candid interview now, and stay tuned for more intriguing, behind-the-scenes views in Transformative!