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The Interactives

Multimedia artist Daniel Brown has been working on a series of interactive images as the final –‘Dress Me Down’– part of this project. Featuring Liberty Ross in various states of undress, the footage used features the chosen favourites taken from each of Jonathan Kaye’s nine key Autumn fashion looks. SHOWstudio viewers shaped each look over the three-day live styling event last May, and nine were chosen out of the forty+ created and captured in front of our webcams.

As the Autumn-Winter season kicks into gear, the nine looks will be released onto the site in three sets of three, first group up comprises Ecclesiastical, Tomboy and Military, fashioned through the chatroom by ‘jasnar’, ‘kitty’ and ‘gypsy’. As a clue to how our guest stylists came upon their looks, original transcripts from the chatroom are now also being posted to this project.

Inspired by stripping girls on saucy novelty pens, these have been created in Danny’s favoured Macromedia Director program, for which you’ll need the shockwave plug-in. Most of you should have this plug-in if you’ve been watching our other interactive work in recent years. As we’re particularly titillated by the results, work is now underway to create special versions that can be downloaded to compatible mobile phones (trans. Cell phones). We expect these to be ready as the final three interactives hit the site in early October. More news to be posted as it happens. For now, enjoy the show…