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The last day of Alistair O'Neil's Tumblr curation

Today will, sadly, be the last day Alistair O'Neil shares a candid perspective of Blow on our Tumblr. Over the past week, our on-going Isabella Blow series has been filled some delicate memories and touching treasures uncovered by Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore! exhibition curator, O'Neil.

Though they have been just glimpses into Blow's world; from a torn photograph of her as a teenager, to instructions on the exact dimensions of a guillotine she desired for a Tatler shoot, this trail has affirmed the sheer creative drive and heart she graced the fashion industry, and world, with. 

Witness the final Issy images and sound clips to be revealed over on our Tumblr and re-visit our other rare insights into the late icon, including interviews with her close friends.