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The Left Calf by Marcus Werner Hed

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It feels as if the gender of our fashion body is still in something of a state of flux, and our latest contribution from filmmaker Marcus Werner Hed does little to redress that intriguing ambiguity. Examining the left calf, not traditionally a stage for gender interplay, Werner Hed's intimate film simultaneously investigates that increasingly blurred line between boy and girl.


  1. someonegreat
    03:24 13 Aug 2010
    Interesting, and quite indicative of a general move in fashion at the moment: there's a transsexual model in the Givenchy campaign, the girls look like boys, and there's that new boy who looks just like a girl (I though Raf Simmons was doing something funky for spring).
  2. 1uke
    10:29 24 Aug 2010
    Gender ambiguity & androgyny never ceases to rouse a reaction, whatever that reaction may be. The Left Calf is a good example of this.