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The Left Eye by Lady Gaga

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Fashion is very good at providing its own fashion's-eye view of proceedings, but what is it like being at the very eye of that fashion storm, the undeniable focus of the world's attention? Few creatives are as well-placed as Lady Gaga to explore those ideas, as her inimitable and unique contribution to our Fashion Body proves. Christopher Isherwood's maxim 'I am a Camera' has seldom had such eloquent aesthetic expression as this film devised in collaboration with Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben - in creating a film to represent the left eye, Lady Gaga chose not to document the eye, but offer us a glimpse from within, a cinematic snapshot that unquestionably offers her own point of view on - and of - our modern culture of celebrity.


  1. friend
    18:19 3 Sep 2010
    i saw a film of Kate Moss yesterday at LAX.
    Kate and her tiny child are being pursued like an animals.
    Why would anyone want fame?
  2. anjo44
    19:08 3 Sep 2010
    assome how to see to be a popqeeun,i love ya gagaggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  3. LittleMonsterMandi
    02:04 4 Sep 2010
    I don't believe that Lady Gaga wants fame... She wanted The Fame, and she has had it since before anyone knew who she was. The Fame is the inner confidence one exudes, where people don't know who you are, but want to. Lady Gaga created The Fame within me. This video almost made me cry because is so beautiful, so pop culture. Fantastic job on all who contributed to the Left eye, and great job to Ruth for the editing.
    Thank you Gaga.
  4. UD
    15:17 4 Sep 2010
  5. someonegreat
    18:22 5 Sep 2010
    Really fantastic and thought-provoking piece of filmmaking. Your fashion body gets better and better.
  6. Truman
    20:58 5 Sep 2010
    The first time I watched this video, I felt a bit emotional.
    The second time, I cried.
    The third time, I shat myself.
    I LOVE G.A.G.A.
  7. Mikhell
    13:49 8 Sep 2010
    It must be really scary being gaga, people wanting pieces of her, like vultures. She must be a really strong person to deal with that total madness everyday, well either that or too drunk to notice. The film made me feel uneasy, i cant even imagine what a whole day of that would look like, or really feel like. I hope she comes out of all this ok one day, cos as we've seen a million times before most fall to earth in a horrible mess. i think shes wonderful, has a great attitude, and is a breath of fresh air in a world thats gone to shit. i dont even like pop music so how she managed to win me over ill never know????.