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The Left Foot by Rick Owens

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In discussing his design approach, Rick Owens once stated 'It's about an elegance being tinged with a bit of the barbaric' - a fitting summary not only for his clothing creations, but also for the designer's cinematic contribution to The Fashion Body. Concisely and aptly-titled 'Piss', Owens chooses to reference his own past, namely the infamous double-portrait in May 2002's i-D magazine where the designer's doppelgänger urinated into his own mouth. In this case, however, Owens' urolagnia focusses on his own left foot, fetchingly clad in one of his signature hefty, hoof-like shoes.


  1. someonegreat
    10:47 23 Jul 2010
    I am a great fan of Mr Owens' work - he certainly takes a theme and runs with it!! Great muscle on that calf too.
  2. 1cal1
    00:33 26 Jul 2010
    Lucky you did not ask Rick Owens to make a film about the mouth then.