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The Left Hand by Marian Newman

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This week's Fashion Body programming opens with a fashion film from esteemed international manicurist Marian Newman - appropriately enough, focused entirely on the left hand. Often expounded as the most expressive parts of a body (watch Marian's own hand motions in her In Fashion interview if you doubt that in any way), certainly the film loses nothing in its manus obsession. Think Madonna's Vogue video, as Marian's hand caresses a liquid bank of satin arrayed in some of the finest contemporary examples of the art of the glover, jeweller and indeed nail technician.


  1. someonegreat
    19:23 17 Aug 2010
    Marian is truly wonderful - and that In Fashion is one of the best.
  2. friend
    21:38 18 Aug 2010
    clever bit of editing
  3. friend
    21:39 18 Aug 2010
    clever bit of nail art too!
  4. 1uke
    10:44 24 Aug 2010
    Quite elegantly sinister!