by Alexander Fury .

The Party!

As yesterday marked the end of our Future Tense project, we figured the best way to go out would be with a bang. Or rather, with a bash. Celebrating the launch of Hywel Davies' book '100 New Fashion Designers' along with the film season's finale, SHOWstudio, Laurence King and Diesel threw a party at Diesel HQ in King's Cross. With striking and innovative set design by Alun Davies and our Future Tense films projected across the crowd (including contributors Todd Lynn, Petar Petrov and the Felder Felder sisters to name but a few), the 7pm-til-9pm party was still raging when I departed at 10pm. As all the best shindigs do...

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  1. dromedary
    17:05 19 Sep 2008
    I love the Future Tense Project. I've only just managed to view all the films and i think they are brilliant