by Alexander Fury .

The Revolution WILL be televised!

Our fashion film cinema, in miniature

Alongside the other exhibits chosen for SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution, Nick has curated a selection of fifteen fashion film to play in a cinema space at Somerset House. Films have been selected from a variety of different SHOWstudio projects spanning the last decade or so, showing both the increasing sophistication and development of fashion film over that period and the degree to which SHOWstudio has championed the medium. Reflecting fashion's often breath-taking immediacy, some of the films are still in production as we speak! Nevertheless, a full compliment will be available when the exhibition opens to the public on 18 September.

Alongside this curated selection to play in a custom-designed cinema, Nick has chosen a number of films from our most recent Political Fashion film season to be shown separately alongside a selection of the essays from the series. Finally, a new collection of video shorts, commissioned especially for inclusion in SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution, will be shown in a site-specific installation at Somerset House. We can't reveal much more information, but films come from the likes of Simon Foxton, Alice Hawkins, Rick Owens and Gareth Pugh to name but few! We are also currently in talks with a major high-street name to showcase a selection of fashion film in a special installation throughout London Fashion Week. I'm sworn to secrecy about ALL of this, but nevertheless terribly exciting developments! We'll keep you updated.