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The right calf by Malcolm Pate

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To close this second week of Fashion Body programming, filmmaker, photographer and artist Malcolm Pate captures the right calf - inspired, he said, by the floral tributes left at the roadside after traffic accidents. Strapping a length of Burberry Prorsum barbed-wire around the leg and intertwining it with delicate blooms, Pate weaves a dark but surprisingly delicate vision from one of fashion's most aggressive accessories of late.


  1. toastytoaty
    13:31 30 Jul 2010
    Inventive use of an accessory!! Is that one of the necklaces from last fall? Reminds me a bit of a wartime memorial or combat film. Very poignant
  2. AndrewSmith
    00:08 31 Jul 2010
    This REALLY makes me think mosquitos and I don't know why!!! I guess as the description says, mosquitos are "dark but surprisingly delicate" But why do I get such a strong sense of mosquitos?!
  3. 1uke
    13:45 2 Aug 2010
    Nice arrangement and emotive lighting!